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Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week

ABBATH, JUTE GYTE, MYLINGAR Among Gimme Top Tracks of the Week


Every Thursday, Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

JUTE GYTE – Angelis Novus

We've waxed before about the one man unit known as Jute Gyte, but the arrival of the Birefringence LP is yet another major metal event. Untold ideas packed into one song: rubbery guitarlines, claustrophobic production, downtuned acoustic malaise, scraping strings, blasted heavy riffage amped through what sounds like clumps of dirt, tortured vocals, distant drums down a mineshaft, nasal bumblebee drones. Noise, weirdness, greatness.

MYLINGAR – Obalansen

Named for the Scandinavian folklore regarding the roaming of ghosts of unbaptized kids trying to get people to bury them, Sweden's anonymous Mylingar as well sounds like a combo begging to have even more dirt caked over their presence. Filthy, throbbing bass careens around the place like a tractor trailer without brakes, the blackened death stench of these tracks abounds. Döda Själar hits on 20 Buck Spin in August, third in a trilogy of sorts, and knocks the house down.

FALLS OF RAUROS – Detournement

Quite melodic black metal from Maine on this newest release Patters In Mythology just out now on Gilead Media. Rare to hear this kind of music soar with folk/acoustic elements, almost honey-sweet Popul Vuh-style guitar solos, playing dynamically against the menacing wall threatening to break open at any time.

YELLOW EYES – Warmth Trance Reversal

Rare Field Ceiling (the band's 5th LP) also hits us from Gilead Media, another murky behemoth blizzard of sound tearing up speakers. An unusual obsession with spatial elements and psychic gridology. Sample lyric to a bizarrely-titled song from a spectrally-titled album: "Out on the ice/As If looking through a telescope/Is looking down a wall/The Mind is charmed and flatness now is depth/The wide white tower sheer/There he clings/Soaked bat/Then what spectrum gleams beside the tower base?/He sees it in the evening through the window square."

ABBATH – Outstrider

If anyone was wondering if Abbath's post-Immortal phase was going to rule, this track alone should dispel. That gargling-with-thumbtacks growl is greater than ever, his new band sounding simultaneously soaring and plumbing the depths of darkness with grace and elan, it all sounds super-inspired and simultaneously powerful.

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