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The Thinking Man

The Thinking Man: LUNAFORM Have Plenty Of Melodic Djent

Check out this display of melodic djent with Lunaform

Check out this display of melodic djent with Lunaform

Welcome to the Thinking Man!

This week’s column offers two tracks from Lunaform’s upcoming self-titled EP. The Texas melodic act offer a  brand of djent that comes with melody, electronic elements, and minor symphonic aspects. Rather than pump away to a monotonous djent rhythm, Lunaform offer listeners a satisfying experience to show how one can add new live to the sound.

For fans of Born Of Osiris and Veil Of Maya, Lunaform will grip you immediately upon starting “Faces”. Guitarist Justin Czubas drops a vibrant and choppy guitar melody, with drummer Trevor Scott and bassist Kyle Derting layering on a thick flow of bass underneath. The melody whips in various pitches and patterns, keeping the listener guessing as to what transition may come next. Vocalist Andrew Patterson offers an in-your-face aggression to the presentation; his voice meshes well with the thundering presence of the bass and drums, amplifying the magic of the guitar progression. Sprinkles of luminous electronic beats, along with a brief use of orchestral strings, pop up throughout the song.

“Delirium” opens on a slow sinister strumming of orchestral strings, and ominous drum beat. Luminous electronic beats make their return, with the guitar melody following the pattern. Clean singing makes an introduction on the track, this time meshing more with the guitar; in two tracks alone, Lunaform show their willingness to play with their own style, and change up structure. This latter element brings a component of surprise to their work.

Overall these two tracks are wonderfully catchy. You can listen to both below, and follow the band via Facebook. Thanks for reading this week’s Thinking Man!

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