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The Thinking Man

The Thinking Man: It's a Grim New World With This ILLUSION OF CONTROL

The latest release from Illusion of Control is an impressive blend of death metal and folk elements

The latest release from Illusion of Control is an impressive blend of death metal and folk elements

This week I’m sharing the latest release form Romania’s Illusion of Control, Grim New World. Rather than present straight up bland death metal pounding, Illusion of Control offer moments to drastically change up style, and play around with the flow of each track. This is thanks to the folk elements that spring into each song, and how the material balances it alongside the use of death metal. In a way, it reminds me of work that Opeth has done.

Both guitarists Bálint Szabolcs and Csiszár Gellért  offer a range of melody and style throughout “Downtrodden”. The playing comes in the form of death metal shredding, to serene strums of acoustic tones. The pacing of the material is intricate, making for the drastic change in style to be quite welcoming, rather than jarring.

For the most part, drummer Sulyok Csaba and bassist Vlădăreanu István provide to the more consistent heavier elements of the track. Vocalist Szabó Hunor, along with that of István, also help to enforce the delightful diversity in the material, balancing clean singing and death metal growls.

“Departure” starts with a laid back acoustic element, exuding sinister vibes. Drums and bass kick in, picking up the tempo. Blast beats begin to make their way into the composition, as the bass and guitars rise in tempo.

Melody pipes in, rising with each note. The track switches things up even more, dropping into a section primarily focusing on acoustic sounds. “Dystopia” is the flipside of the coin, immediately kicking things into high gear.

Bashing drums, along with a roaring bass and vibrant guitar rhythm, all come together to make a thunderous death metal drive.

You can stream Grim New World below, and follow the band via Facebook. Thanks for tuning into the Thinking Man!

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