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The Thinking Man

The Thinking Man: Prog Prodigies EARTHERIA Like To Awaken The Sun

Check out this progressive melodic death metal treat from Eartheria

Check out this progressive melodic death metal treat from Eartheria

This week I am sharing the latest release from Finland’s Eartheria, Awaken The Sun. Exploring multiple blends of melodic death metal, the band incorporate various tempo and pitch adjustments to present catchy, devastating melodies. Rather than keep to a general catchy flow of melody, Eartheria take it upon themselves to expand their technicality, and keep the formula of their work unique.

Opening track, “A Wake (In the Sun)”, lashes out in bold melodies that linger throughout the material. The pumping of bass and drum work flutter throughout the progression as the vocal growl. While vocalist/guitarist Juha-Pekka Leino offers a nice touch to the material’s brutality via his voice, the diversity of the work comes from the instrumentals. Drummer and bassist Mikko Ojakoski and Janne Rosholm (respectively), offer a consistent adrenaline through the fluctuating rhythms. Guitarist Lauri Unkila, along with Leino, present most of the flavor to the work; their various shifts in tempo and tone keep the melodies riveting, offering something fresh as they fly forward.

“Brought Before The Emperor” takes on a gentle approach a first, teasing the listener for the speed to come. When the track finally shoots off, it unleashes thumping bass lines and pounding drums. The vocals mesh well with the guitar melody, the overall composition eventually shifting in direction. While the tempo primarily maintains a high pace, the melody drops to exude murkiness from its sound. It’s a small touch that adds more to the band’s palette throughout Awaken The Sun. “Escapist” is another standout track, presenting an even larger display of what the band is capable of. Both guitarists play to contorting guitar rhythms, splicing in touches of melody as the Ojakoski and Rosholm slide in a booming foundation to the material.

You can hear all of Awaken The Sun below, and follow the band via Facebook. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for tuning into the Thinking Man!

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