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The Wednesday Sludge

The Wednesday Sludge: Getting ten tons of fun with a TEN TON SLUG

Do you want ten tons of fun, or a Ten Ton Slug? What if you could have both?

Do you want ten tons of fun, or a Ten Ton Slug? What if you could have both?

Life is full of such immense wonder (and terror while we’re at it). This planet has existed for millions of years, and is home to so many life forms. Everything from cute kitty cats and puppy dogs, to more fucked up things such as tarantulas and human beings. But for this week’s The Wednesday Sludge, there is one life form I really want to talk about: the slug – a Ten Ton Slug. (And no not this slug):


Hailing from Galway Ireland, Ten Ton Slug is powerful sludge that rips with gunky notes. With some hints of Corrosion of Conformity, Sleep, and Crowbar, these guys appeal to a range of sludgy jams. For now, their discography is that of their 2015 demo Ten Ton Slug Live at The Oaks, and their 2016 EP Brutal Gluttonous Beast.

The four track jammer that is Brutal Gluttonous Beast is where we’ll be focusing today. Opening on “Trollhunter”, the guitar comes off with warmth and fuzz, building up to a blaze. Tasty grooves come in over watery vocals, drawing the progression into murky depths. From there the guitar fires off a sonic solo, adding some flare before the band sinks lower into their distortion. “Bloodburns” starts with a bright fuzz and playful melody. Groove and churns have more of a punch to them, the tone being lighter while still wrapped around the distortion.

The guitar work throughout the EP is at once fun, deep, and catchy. With grooves that turn using dripping thickness and melodies, there’s much to enjoy in these songs. Drum and bass also constantly drive the material forward, adding an extra heft to the sound. The vocals keep to a watery effect, and bring in this mucky tone felt through all the material. This essentially maintains a core to the songs that remains dirty. “Subterranean” churns out rattling energy in its progression. Drumming is at its most intense here, clashing its way and feeding into the hectic flow. The song is a mix of crunchy notes that at once rapidly pummel and intertwine melody. Ending on “Unit”, the band goes dark again, pulling out some slow ripping churns. Being one of the longer titles on the EP, it balances thick sludgy tones, using oiled grooves that get a little Gojira like.

Ten Ton Slug is a TON of fun. In only four songs, Brutal Gluttonous Beast packs in a kick ass buffet of killer jams that rip, drag, and slam their way through. With only a demo and an EP at this time, I can’t wait for these guys to drop a full length in the future.

Do yourself a favor and check out the EP below for some slimy groove soaked sludge. Thanks for tuning into this week’s The Wednesday Sludge, and let us know your thoughts on the band in the comments.

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