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The Wednesday Sludge

The Wednesday Sludge: Having Fun with The Molten Sludge of ELDER DRUID

Revisiting a fun psychedelic sludge fest in honor of the upcoming Elder Druid full length

Revisiting a fun psychedelic sludge fest in honor of the upcoming Elder Druid full length

Here on the Wednesday Sludge we’ve covered a couple bands that play to a psychedelic edge in their music. For this week we’re gonna cover an oldie but a goodie that crunches hard, and makes for a fun ride. I’ve covered this EP in the past, but thought it might be a good time to bring it back with the band working on their first full length release. These guys have become a special gem for their mix of molten fuzz that jams to both a playful and brutal driven atmosphere.

For those who need a proper introduction, Elder Druid is a delightful blend of sludgy stoner metal out of the beautiful land of Ireland. With both a funky and gritty progression, Elder Druid dive into a world of fantasy and the occult. While the band has finished writing a large majority of the songs for the new release, it’s absolutely worth checking out last year’s EP Magicka. Tracks like “The Ides of March” and “The Warlock” flow with a psychedelic spin that washes over the listener with a hypnotic bliss. Treats like “Reigning Hell” take a step back from that funky fuzz, and play to more aggressive tones of hard punching drum beats and guitar riffs. What you get throughout Magicka is that weird psychedelic ride that keeps the sludgy and haze heavy riffs fresh from start to finish.

With recording taking place in April/May of this year for the new record, we should hopefully be seeing the album before the end of June. In the meantime, the band plans on a slew of shows throughout Ireland and the UK. Attempting to reach those fans in the UK, Elder Druid are excited for their upcoming London show with Sinners Sermon, Master Charger, and Witch Tripper this November.

You can stream Magicka below, as well as keep an eye out for album updates via Facebook. Hopefully we get to see these guys in the states in the near future! Thanks for tuning into the Wednesday Sludge, and keep an eye out for when we review the band’s new record.

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