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Molten fuzz coming down all the way from Northern Ireland from our new friends in Elder Druid.


EP Review: ELDER DRUID Magicka

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Elder Druid is a stoner/doom outfit from Northern Ireland that has a strong love for molten fuzz. With the combination of styles, it would be justified to say the guys are a happy middle ground between bands like Sleep and Electric Wizard. Since their beginning the band has released some live records and has gigged throughout Ireland, and now in 2016 they’ve dropped their first EP Magicka (Black Bow Records).

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Opening track “Rogue Mystic” begins with a deep haze with a light groove, just to get thicker as the rest of the instrumentals fall in. Vocalist Gregg McDowell adds a raspy level to the aura, while Brien Gillen and Dale Hughes make for strong drives. Guitarists Jake Wallace and Mikey Scott lay out a solid mix of heavy and light grooves, and within those is where we find the strong variety of different elements that come into play, such as the stoner fuzz and bright-low moments of doom. “Reigning Hell” captures a thick muck slide in its progression, while “The Warlock” is a bright haze that dances around beautifully without direction.

Magicka is great beginning to what Elder Druid could lead up to. The band’s effective use of balancing different styles and sounds has helped them stand out as a band worth keeping an ear out for.

Score: 8/10

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