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Tech-Death Tuesday: New Jersey Brutal Bruisers COGNITIVE Await The End Of Humanity on “Omnicide”

Hey there tech fiends, it's that time of the week again. Before we dive into today's focus, here's the usual reminder that if you're looking for more sick music, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

The last time I checked in with Cognitive, it was to help the band launch an early stream of their 2o16 album, Deformity that was quite an impressive offering in the world of brutal minded tech-death.  If you haven’t been following the group until now consider this another chance to re-introduce yourself with them since we’re premiering a new song from Cognitive today called “Omnicide”. On October 26th the band will release their explosive third full-length Matricide through Unique Leader Records and I couldn't be more stoked to help such a talented band once again.

From their inception, Cognitive have always favored an eclectic approach to tech-death, yet coming to that end sound from a place of reverence and homage to the death metal greats old and new rather than another in the endless line of mere clone-like worship. When looking back on what the band has done before, much of what I said regarding their last album is still an excellent example of Cognitive’s chameleon-like greatness in the present. Particularly what I said about Deformity that holds true now including discussing them as "..coming from a brutal death metal background, but continually evolving with each release. In 2016 on Deformity, they seem more in line with fellow UK brutal tech beasts Unfathomable Ruination, as both groups have embraced a mix of technical death metal and progressive death metal elements in order to further evolve their sound. Add in some horrific and dark black metal chords and you've got a fine twist on an old staple on your hands. Although on Deformity, I often hear a chaotic and violent old school Cryptopsy element winding its way through their sound more than anything else."

All of which ties together quite well in the present with the bands evolved style present on today's "Omnicide" premiere as it moves from bludgeoning savagery to fret-burning technical mania over and over. Past works would often be more evenly split time between slower and quicker paced material yet I’m really digging the mainly brutal and burning groove fuelled approach found on “Omnicide” as it feels fresh and new for them to drop a song this solidly in one death metal realm.

  I thought their prior album was a big step up and it's clear that they’re on target to top themselves yet again with the release of Matricide. For a bit more information, here is a statement from guitarist Rob Wharton where he aptly states that "Omnicide" and the new album as a whole as "Speaking about the total obliteration of mankind and life on the planet.  The final flashes from nuclear war, destruction, calamity, etc. The final fleeting moments of the age of man. This song is one of our more straightforward songs off this album, which features lyrics that are on the new merch for pre-orders, so it seemed fitting to use this song as a single." I think a lot of you will enjoy what “Omnicide” has to offer and for those that do, pre-orders should be live today or tomorrow as far as I know so stay tuned to the band and label's social media feeds for more information and links. Be sure to follow the band over on the Cognitive Facebook Page as well.


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