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NURSING Have Their Mathcore And Grind Too With "Floral Wedding Cake"


It has been a little over a year since the world entered a vast hellscape, the likes of which we probably will not see the end of for quite some time. However, what we have been getting in droves over this last year is music that echoes these sentiments and cuts like glass. No different is it this round with bands like Nursing as they churn out aggression and anxiety-inducing madness.

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Mathcore never died, though the end of MySpace-era bands might have left some assuming that. There has been a dedicated following for the genre for a while now, but more and more bands are starting to surface or form. Enter Boston, MA’s Nursing. The two-piece chaotic blackened mathcore/grind unit is about to bounce through speakers like a locomotive. One might recognize the names Tony Castrato and Jonathan Jasperse, both of the mathcore/jazz band Needle Play, who make up this band. If you know that band, you can expect your head to get thoroughly twisted off with Nursing.

Self-Care is Nursing’s debut album and our track today is “Floral Wedding Cake.” Some background on the record: the album is a concept record on what relationships have been reduced to in this day and age. How much of it is like a transaction, and how much of it is more superficial/material, rather than some sort of emotional connection. This, and the effect it has on the human psyche, and how existence is a cold drawling slog. I might be taking some liberties there, but this is the impression I get. But when considering this, Nursing’s manic sound is like bottled soul violence.

“Floral Wedding Cake” pops in like a heart attack. The quick guitar and the burst of the drums is an adrenaline trip. The track bounces all over the place, from quick guitar licks to heavy sections that verge on beatdown. The track is anxiety-inducing in its frenzy, but that is also its allure. A dance with chaos gone into overdrive. And before you know it, the track is over and leaving you wanting more.

Fans of bands like The Sound That Ends Creation (Chris Dearing’s band that also mixed and mastered this record), Sleepsculptor, Mouthbreather, Car Bomb, or Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza need to hear this if they have not already. Anyone that likes mathcore, grind, or some jarring chaotic music gotta get this. Don’t miss out. Nursing is already writing more music. Stay tuned.

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Self Care drops on March 19th.

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