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CHURCHBURN Announce New Album And Unleash The Sludgy Slab "Scarred"


Depending on where you live, the summer has been oppressive. But you know what else is oppressive? A new single and album announcement from blackened sludge lords Churchburn called Genocidal Rite. And we are here with a single from it called “Scarred.”

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It has been three years since the last foray into some Churchburn ugliness. Might feel like more with 2020 still in the rearview mirror, but the band is celebrating their tenth anniversary of dishing out grimness and thickness. Concerning the band’s decade milestone, drummer Ray McCaffrey had this to say:

 “Dave and I are very excited to still be doing what we love to do after 10 years. This release, Genocidal Rite, on Translation Loss marks a milestone. When we first got together we had no idea of what the band would be. We knew what we wanted to create, just not what it would look like. Like every band, we had some line up changes in the beginning as we were figuring out the who’s and why's. We landed with two amazing musicians – Timmy St. Amour and Derek Muniz –  who have been around for a while now. The four of us seem to really gel as a team when it comes to getting the music done. All of us are very proud of what we put on this record.  It's not just a release for us but also a way to honor Dave's father."

Their debut single, “Scarred”, is an aggressive nugget. Kicking into gear quickly with an urgent riffs and drums, the track comes crashing like a locomotive. The field levels a little as the track goes on and the band settles into a slower sludgier/doomier trudge. However, halfway through the fever breaks and the band moves into a slow, melodic section. It gives an air of vulnerability and some melancholy. The guitar solos I both epic and beautiful. And the moment it ends, Churchburn fly back into and carry this energy to the end.

Concerning the song, Dave Suzuki (guitars/vocals) says, "The song "Scarred" is about my father Hiroshi Suzuki, who died on January 16th, 2020 and my experience with him during his last days.  Things I was thinking and feeling.  They are some of the most personal lyrics I have written.” Suzuki goes on to state: "There was definitely a force after my dad passed away. In truth, this whole album is because of his passing. It set off a spark that carried us through the entire process from writing, re-writing and recording."

The song is very powerful and remains heavy as hell. The album is too, so go preorder a copy and keep an eye out for more on this record. Churchburn is back and here to crush some more skulls. Preorder here.

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Release date: November 5, 2021
Album artwork by Nestor Avalos, Promotional photo by Mike St. Onge
Churchburn Facebook | Bandcamp
Translation Loss Records Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram | Store | Twitter
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