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HEADGORE Give Us Some Grinding Love With Their New Song "A House That Seems To Breathe…"

Ah, love is in the air. After all, grindcore is love.

a house single artwork 2

Ah, love is in the air. After all, grindcore is love. Twisted, loud, mangled, blown-out, rabid, frothing, brain-melting grindcore. So come one come all, plus one or none, Headgore has a new track to crush some craniums.

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My rhyming sucks, but Headgore does not. The Las Vegas, NV quartet are not newcomers to the grind/goregrind/noisecore scenes but are also a young band. Releasing music since 2019 the band has done splits with Shitnoise Bastards, Thotcrime, Bleachmilk, and many others. They have also appeared on a comp called We Are Coming To Steal Your Face. Today, they are unleashing their latest single, “A House That Seems To Breathe…” which will be featured on an upcoming EP. I hope you are ready for chaos.

The tracks opens with a few snare smacks and the chaos ensues. The music is heavy and metallic sounding. There is an underlying mathcore feel to things. Moreover, it is incredibly raw, and the bass end of things is thick. It is halfway through the track though that Headgore switch things up and the track goes full electronic. What once was a raw dogging room becomes a catchy, thick electronic beat. Eventually, it distorts things a bit and goes out on a subtle bit of disorientation.

This is a taste of things to come. But what does the rest sounding? Dunno. When is more coming? Dunno. But there is an extensive catalog to dive into here and plenty of other bands to discover in the grind sphere. Here is to a chaotic, frenzied, surprising Valentine’s Day. Just as the gods intended.

Headgore Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

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