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Song Premiere

KING OF ASGARD Bring The Mead Party To Your Speakers With "Upon Raging Waves"

I am completely on board with King Of Asgard's upcoming release, Taudr. From the moment the record begins, you're instantly hooked in a frenzy of hair whipping and shield swinging in the best way possible. It's some of the best folk inspired blackened music I've heard in a long time, and recommend picking up the record if you hadn't planned to yet!

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I'm stoked to premiere "Upon Raging Waves" off of Taudr, in what might be the most traditional viking metal song you'll find on the release. This is due to the fact it is a cover song from the band's previous viking metal efforts in the band Mithotyn, which you may be familiar with.

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A quote from the band on "Upon Raging Waves"

"With a tradition of recording cover songs the King now, on : t a u d r :, offer you a tune of our own heritage and past. We've basically been asked about doing this since the birth of King of Asgard but have instead tributed our personal masters. Anyway, a concert promoter asked us for a Mithotyn song performed live. We agreed and also decide to record it for the album. Thus, here we are presenting you one of the genre's strongest tunes and trailblazing trademarks; 'Upon Raging Waves'.

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Representing an important piece of King of Asgard's past and personal history as well as KoA and Mithotyn share the similar concepts in music as in lyrical approach.

… and with this we’re finally at the stage of releasing : t a u d r : upon a slumbering and unaware world. Unleash …the fury of the Norse! "

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