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IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Expel Bewildering Madness On “Gotham Luxe” With Help From ARTIFICIAL BRAIN's Vocalist

"Everything heard on the song was captured live, including the synth solo, bass cadenza, and band fade leading up to the bass cadenza."

"Everything heard on the song was captured live, including the synth solo, bass cadenza, and band fade leading up to the bass cadenza."

Ever since 2012’s Aboviminatum full-length release, I’ve been ringing the bell every time Imperial Triumphant release something new to share my belief that they're the best active Black Metal band from the United States right now. Not only has the group kept up an ambitious pace of releasing something new almost every year or other year, they freakishly improve and mutate like a living organism evolving ever further and encompassing ever more elements into their sound on each follow-up. Vile Luxury is an album I’ve been heavily anticipating this year more than most records, and I can honestly tell you to call this remarkable is an understatement. This is avant-garde madness designed by some of the best musicians in the metal scene with a clear aim of creating disorienting and terrifying dissonant filth warped and filtered through a multi-faceted approach drawing influence from many forms of metal and non-metal alike. While their music could arguably be compared as a point of reference to the greatness of Dodecahedron and Thantifaxath, Imperial Triumphant remain on their own unique path exploring a meticulously crafted musical realm unlike anything else out there.

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On behalf of Metal Injection, I’m proud that we’re premiering a devastating and mercurial new track from Imperial Triumphant today called “Gotham Luxe” which is enhanced by a bevy of guest instrumentation as well as a monstrous guest vocal spot from Artificial Brain vocalist Will. Imperial Triumphant guitarist and vocalist Zachary Ezrin sent us an in-depth statement about “Gotham Luxe” that fills you in on the scope and eclectic nature of the song.

"The song’s conception is founded in the blues. Everything heard on the song was captured live, including the synth solo, bass cadenza, and band fade leading up to the bass cadenza. Gotham Luxe is an example of the possibilities of when a composer opens up a piece of music to others to rework and interpret, where the bulk of the written material is by Grohowski but with added sections and ideas from the Ezrin and Blanco, that truly brought the song tangibly and conceptually to life. The song takes a look at the control centers of our civilization, and how they move geographically through the millennia, with all their magnificence, luxury, and disgusting bile as it pertains to NYC. It was a distinct pleasure to have Will Smith [Artificial Brain] on our record and bring his unique timbre to the piece."

If hearing all that "Gotham Luxe" has to offer leaves you feeling excited and curious to hear more,  you should probably order a copy of Vile Luxury through the Gilead Media Bandcamp link here. The album will be out on July 13th through Gilead Media and Throatruiner Records for Europe. You can follow the group over on the Imperial Triumphant Facebook Page.

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