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"Prepare To Be Conquered" By A New Song From Tim Lambesis' AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE

Oh hey, did you know Austrian Death Machine have a crowd-funded album coming out next month?

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That fact might've escaped your mind with the news of the band's founder, Tim Lambesis changing his plea to guilty for solicitation of murder. It's hard not to think of that when mentioning any work Lambesis is involved in. Regardless of the trial outcome, the album will come out on Artery Recordings. While the label promise a portion of the proceeds from the album will go to World Vision Charity, it still seems wrong that this album is even being released when the man behind it is admitting to conspire to murder somebody. Kind of kills the whole gimmick of a project with the word "Death Machine" in it doesn't it? Or maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. Regardless, here's the track.

Triple Brutal comes out April 1st, a month an day before Tim Lambesis' official sentencing hearing.

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