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KING 810's New Album Memoirs Of A Murderer Streaming in Full

You're going to have an opinion!

You're going to have an opinion!

King 810 has been the center of controversy for quote some time now, from bringing "armed" gunmen on stage with them to someone carving a big, blood "K" into their leg. So what about their music?

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Check out Memoirs of a Murderer below and let us know what you think!

Alright listen, here's where I'm at with King 810. I wanted to hate on these dudes super bad for the longest time, and I even brought it up to a buddy of mine. His response was simple: they're just like Ghost or Babymetal or Gwar.They have their schtick to get themselves attention and it works for them. I'm not a big fan of the band myself, but at this point, who cares? Everyone knows the name King 810 and I don't have to listen to it if I don't want to… so what's the point of bitching.

The album comes out August 19 via Roadrunner Records.

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