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The Monday Grind

The Monday Grind: Brazilian Grind Band A PESTE Show Three Vocalists Are Three Times The Grind with Subterrâneo

Posted by on September 4, 2017 at 10:01 pm

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with A Peste’s Subterrâneo.

It’s been a blasting few weeks here on the Grind. And that’s the way we like our Mondays. Filthy, furious and blasting. But this week, let’s take a trip to Brasília, Brazil. I don’t believe I’ve actually featured a South American band yet. That’s about to change though. A Peste is a crusty, d-beating, broken bottle of grindcore greatness.

Your ears aren’t deceiving you, to start. The band has three vocalists, just like Extreme Noise Terror. And just like them, A Peste is strongly crust. It’s the element that never falls out of the mix. There’s a rigidness that’s always present, track after track. “Prisões”, for example, kicks things off with a grindy/crusty punk riff. Though the track slows down in the middle, it’s still rough and ugly, adding some groove but never losing the punk edge.

When A Peste grinds, they shine. This is some real old school flavor. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and queue up “Cauterizado Pelo Sol”, it’s sounds like it was ripped straight from a Napalm Death record. The blasting and the latter breakdown really get the blood flowing on this one. Other tracks like “O Eterno Retorno (Ou Como Deixei de Acreditar)” keep the spirit but get thrashier with the material.

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The d-beat aspect keeps songs from feeling like they’re all about the blast. “Afogado no Fel” keeps things on that aforementioned thrashy course, but the d-beat is in full swing, and catchy too. “Prisões” toys with in as it keeps things punky and blasting, until getting funky and breaking the piece down. However, it finishes on a strong blast.

A Peste has their songwriting down. Subterrâneo is a catchy-as-hell album that manages to cram riff after riff, blast after blast together and never tire or bore. It’s crusty throughout and mixes its grind and d-beat well, switching between the two without feeling like it doesn’t belong in one or the other. Subterrâneo is a fantastic debut from these Brazilian grinders. Get ready to go south again for a future Monday Grind, but in the meantime, get grinding with this beast.

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