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The Monday Grind

THE SOUND THAT ENDS CREATION Is A Jazzy Mathgrind Explosion On Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers

The Sound That Ends Creation – Boomers Zoomers Desperate Coomers

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with a premiere of The Sound That Ends Creation’s Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers.

Five years running we have gotten a full-length from Allen, TX’s one-man experimental mathgrind machine The Sound That Ends Creation (aka Chris Dearing). What started as a deathgrind/mathgrind project has morphed, mutated, and sprouted contorting limbs to perform things such as a Twilight Zone inspired full-length (Music to Give You Ideas… Incase You Should Run Out of Ideas), to incorporating a full orchestra. And though it was even hinted at as early as Roses, Thorns, and Dead Unicorns, even more jazzy lounge music is blossoming. Welcome to the circus of insanity.

If Memes, Dreams, and Flying Machines was the introduction of a big band sound to The Sound That Ends Creation, then Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers is where the jazz is served up in full force. It has always been a product and influence on the project’s writing style, but as it has evolved it has shed some of that early death metal influence. But it is not like there has been a lack of technicality in the writing style. The songs here have a lot of variances. One could even make a case for this being more of a mathjazz album over a mathgrind.

“Jivin’ and Vibin’” opens with class, like it is giving us a node and a wink. A little piano, a horn section and guitar pops in, a little singing from Dearing, and then things start to crack moving into “Just As You Have Planted Your Seed, I Will Plant My Seed In You” and we are back into that familiar chaotic territory. The sound is explosive, heavy, and epic. There is even a hard breakdown about mid-way through that comes out swinging. And shortly after that all blasting chaos flies like there is dynamite being set off on the dance floor.

I cannot help but wonder if this album has some of the projects fastest BPMs. Previous tracks have been fast, this thing has damn fast blasts though. “Take Your Shirt Off, It’s Pervert Time”, for example (which we have covered and features Cameron Mcbride from Methwitch), goes hard on the speed. Meanwhile “Stops Frequent Urination, Causes Explosive Diarrhea” gets twisted quick and bounces like it is on a trampoline. But towards the end starts to move like a Dillinger Escape Plan track. Much of the same could be said for “I Hate ICE, I Don’t Even Put It In My Water” (feat. Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys).

There are tracks with some jazzier, lounge-ier pieces. “I Tried To Be A Programmer, But Couldn’t Hack It” is an incredibly jazzy song that has some clean vocals but still goes incredibly hard. “When I Take Out The Recycling, I Look Like A Raging Alcoholic” leans towards this a bit but sticks with the jumpy jazz the project shoves through a stump grinder. “What’s The Difference Between A Politician And A Flying Pig” kicks with it though, as a clip of Hasan Piker plays over the music.

And maybe now is the time to bring up that the album is also very political if that was not evident already. But themes of climate change, taking shots at ICE, Donald Trump, and Alex Jones are prevalent throughout.  If there has ever been a more potent time to be political with music, now is the fucking time.

The Sound That Ends Creation continues to evolve and become wilder and more untamable. Imagining what future iterations are going to sound like is difficult but I am here for it and I hope all of you are too. Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers is an insane trip down mathcore, grindcore, and jazz lanes. It is the jazziest of the discography and probably the most technical. Go ahead, make your brain explode today and get grinding on this!

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