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The Monday Grind

The Monday Grind: ASSHOLEPARADE Return To Rage With Demo 2020

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with Asshole Parade’s Demo 2020.

It’s Monday and Mondays suck, so let’s grind it out with AssholeParade’s Demo 2020. There are a few bands out there that throw us a bone every so many years. And when they do it is like an old friend coming around to say hello. AssholeParade is one of those bands. Though they have been cranking out vicious hardcore/punk since the 90s, they have maintained presence. Those into the hardcore scene will likely remember them best for 2006’s Embers.

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It has been nine years since the group last threw their hats into the hardcore pit. A split with the mighty Slight Slappers and a live record were the only times we heard from them in the 2010s. But 2020 has been so incredibly tumultuous it seems AssholeParade could not stop from jumping in and giving us a raging slice of hardcore.

With only two tracks clocking in past the minute mark, AssholeParade are keeping with tradition. Short, pissed songs that fire punch after punch. It is hardcore that has a powerviolence vibe to it. The band never quite goes there but they dance so close to the genre and always have. The songs are old school fast with an 80s feeling to them. “Death Poem For The Dying” leads in with some melody but becomes a burner quickly. The track flies with whirlwind percussion and urgency. It how hardcore is meant to sound.

The demo continues with “Disease” and “Bury Us.” “Disease” is a bouncier, catchier track that gets the blood pumping. “Bury Us” toys more with a thrashy vibe and is fast as hell. It kicks back into a more classic hardcore sound at points too and keeps the rush coming. It is “In Final Thoughts” where powerviolence starts to flair up. The track is fast and erratic though never goes for the abrupt neck-snap that powerviolence is known for.

“Workgraves” and the G-anx cover of “You” are where AssholeParade almost go down a grindcore path. The tracks are quick and put more of that 80s sound on the table. And are probably one pissed blast beat away from going grind. Nevertheless, the band stick to their guns and lose nothing for it. It is more great hardcore.

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The final track “MN’R” is an AssholeParade epic. Two-and-a-half-minutes with plenty of build before the band launch the guillotine and move in for the kill. It is a slower track for the most part. The essence of an outro, really and is probably the most purely hardcore track on the record.

If you are new to AssholeParade, welcome to the party. There is plenty of back catalog to hunt down and enjoy. Their Demo 2020 is a great starting point for new ears and a welcome return to form. It would be awesome to see another full-length from this band, but short releases like this are always better than nothing. It is always a good day to get grinding on some AssholeParade!

Those interested in a physical release of this can find a link below. 783punx is putting this one out on cassette and digital. The cassettes come in a 7” Pizza Boxset, are limited to 66 copies, and include stickers, posters, and a bottle opener. For those interested in classics, there is also a version of Doom's Corrupt Fucking System in the style of a Pizza Boxset.

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