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SEASONS OF ARROWS Offer Unique Twist on Psychedelic Doom with Give It To The Mountain

Season Of Arrows are a cut above the bland doom metal mainstream. Get in here for their new full length!

Season Of Arrows are a cut above the bland doom metal mainstream. Get in here for their new full length!

There is a ton of doom out there featuring female vocals, just look at bands dominating headlines: SubRosaWitch MountainChrch. All these bands rule and deserve far more attention.

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One other such band is Season Of Arrows. Their songwriting is absolutely top notch with the same sense of forward momentum that makes their finest peers so popular. In a world where it's easy to use tropes to make a quick buck and gain a few fans Season Of Arrows take the path less travelled and ride it to glory. This is monolithic and crushing doom metal of the sort that even gods will fall in love with, the sort of music whose inherent majesty you just can't deny. Season Of Arrows have proved with their latest offering, the almighty crush that is Give It To The Mountain that great songwriting and top notch tone can make for some truly exciting doom metal, always worth delving in to and checking out.

The band had this to say:

We are very excited to announce we're releasing this album with Argonauta Records (Genova, Italy). They are true pioneers in working with awesome underground Heavy Doom/Sludge Metal bands. Our blood, sweat and tears went into writing and recording this record, and it’s always great to see when the effort is rewarded. Turn it up loud, turn off the lights and enjoy!

Get on it:

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