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Extreme of the Extreme

SADISTIC EMBODIMENT Cast Some Magical Death Metal With Blood Spell


Hello friends, happy Wednesday. Quick question, do you like headbanging? Do you like blast beats and mid-tempo riffs to get your heart pumping? Well, look no further than Alberta's Sadistic Embodiment. The band's new album, Blood Spell is full of hooks, riffs, blasts, and blends of old and new school death metal. Plus, Sadistic Embodiment shows you can throw Bryan Newbury (Into Eternity, Untimely Demise) behind the kit in any band and make gold out of the drumming.

With the album coming out this Friday, Sadistic Embodiment decided what's a better time to give people a chance to hear our debut full length. Early on in the album, one of the first songs to come across is "Gallows Hill". This song probably features the most riffs of any on the album, but one key part of Sadistic Embodiment is the lyrics. This is a band focused on telling a story with each song moreso than just trying to write the heaviest death metal out there. That being said, the next song you'll hear is the embodiment of a headbanging song. "Catherine's Braid" follows a very simple idea, you don't need constant guitar hooks to write a good song. This song has much more focus on the drums than most others, with a consistent riff. The vocals, especially at the beginning take on a bit more of a dissonant death metal style, but this is mostly a one off on the album.

With Blood Spell being released this Friday through CDN Records, what's a better time to check it out and support a smaller band? The stream is straight from Bandcamp so it couldn't be any easier for you to give it a quick buy if you like what you hear. If you're looking for more music to include in your music collection, feel free to sift through previous editions of Extreme of the Extreme and find what works best for you.

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