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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme Of The Extreme: Power & Death Metal Collide on DEMISE OF THE CROWN's New Album

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Good day Extreme fans! While it may not be the best of times right now, what's a better time to check out all previous editions of Extreme Of The Extreme? May as well do it while you're stuck inside!

2020 may be a bit of a shit show, I don't blame you if you've closed the blinds, turned up some metal, and opt to act like everything is okay. That's exactly what I'm doing. That's where us here at Metal Injection aim to help. Let's find some sick metal that'll take your mind away from everything. This week, we've got the brand new album from Demise of the Crown. Imagine the late Sanctuary/Nevermore vocalist Warrell Dane decided to join the ranks of Arch Enemy, but kept his vocal style. You got that pictured? Great, well then welcome to the new album Life in the City.

Extreme Of The Extreme: Power & Death Metal Collide on DEMISE OF THE CROWN's New Album

A good portion of Life in the City focuses on hard hitting, harmonious guitar work. A few songs in though, you'll find the star of the album, "Gatekeeper". "Gatekeeper" puts everything that Demise of the Crown has to offer shoved into one song, if you want a sample of the album, this is where you look. The verses are slower pieces of work, the solos absolutely shred, and there are a couple sections with absolutely monsteros blasts and musicianship. Granted, the entire album maintains a nice flow. Throughout, outside of the previous mentioned bands, you'll hear tinges of Megadeth, Opeth, and even touches of Avenged Sevenfold.

It goes without saying that Demise of the Crown made a super varied album. If you're into shredding, heavy riffs, and power metal style vocals, this is exactly what you need in your life. A strong mix of melodic death and power metal to give some of the best out there a run for their money. Check out the album below, thank you to Demise of the Crown for letting us spin the monster a couple days early.

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