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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme of the Extreme: WOODHAWK Are Seriously Influenced By THE SWORD On "Heartstopper"


Good day Extreme fans! While it may not be the best of times right now, what's a better time to check out all previous editions of Extreme Of The Extreme? May as well do it while you're stuck inside!

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It's been a while since The Sword released anything new. Something that will make major fans of the band quite sad. That being said, I only bring that up for one reason, we have some new Woodhawk. Woodhawk, for those unfamiliar, are basically The Sword. That's it, they're basically The Sword and there's absolutely no arguing that. Full of heavy stoner influenced riffs and raspy singing, this is something just for you guys.

Extreme of the Extreme: WOODHAWK Are Seriously Influenced By THE SWORD On "Heartstopper"

Woodhawk's new video for "Heartstopper" may not be your typical Extreme of the Extreme song. It's not full of blast beats and distorted riffs, but instead it's a track full of worship to some of the best in their genre. It's a powerful song led forward by these sounds, without leaning too heavily on these marrets. While the song does pick up more so in the second half, starting with the guitar solo, this is something far more meant for the traditional doom fans out there than someone who may be tuning in for something more death or black metal oriented.

Unfortunately like many bands, Woodhawk have seen a tour postponed until further notice, so give these guys some love for the time being and hopefully we can see them and everyone else on the road soon. Just remember to stay inside!

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