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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme Of The Extreme: THE ODIOUS CONSTRUCT Take Their Place On The "Throne of Misanthropy"

The Odious Construct return with their first bit of new music since 2018’s Shrine of the Obscene. Continuing to fly the flag of hard hitting and interesting death metal under The Artisan Era’s umbrella, the new single “Throne of Misanthropy” is available to hear today. A brand new, absolutely dominating piece of music that also happens to feature the bands new vocalist Jake Vancil (Dethrone the Sovereign, ex-Aenimus (live)). Vancil does absolutely incredible work on the new track, offering up a wide range in his performance that will instantly soothe over anyone’s uncertainty.

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Of course, the band had something to say about the new song, stating: "During our tour with Mordant Rapture last year, Casey had informed us that he no longer desired to be in the band and that he had slowly been losing his passion for writing music. We were all super devastated. Casey meant a great deal to us, and as one of the band's founding members, we were very sad to hear about his decision to depart. Once we got back from tour, we immediately hit up some of our good friends in the community to begin the search for his replacement. Huge shoutout to Michael Alvarez (Flub, Equipoise, ex-Alterbeast) for the help.


We definitely wouldn't have found Jake Vancil if it weren't for him. We wanted to put out 'Throne of Misanthropy' to announce Jake's official joining of the band, to showcase what his capabilities were as a vocalist and as a lyricist. Throne of Misanthropy revolves around HP Lovecraft and Greek mythology. It tells a story of how a god (Thanatos) becomes consumed by a dark power after sitting upon a throne that was cursed. The throne controls and devours all who sit on it, conning them with empty promises of untamed power and immortality. After the throne has possessed its victims, it feeds off their power of life until they're merely just another soul trapped in the woodgrain of the chair for eternity."


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The Odious Construct let us know that they’ll have a new shirt ready with the single art on it as well, which is amazing some amazing work. Maybe more importantly though, this is also the lead single off their yet-to-be-properly-announced new album that will come eventually. Check out “Throne of Misanthropy” below, and keep an eye out for that new shirt, the art alone is too good to be missed.

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