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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme Of The Extreme: NOX IRAE Want To Show You Where The Dead Live

A few weeks back we debuted the new single, "Primordial Life", from French band Nox Irae. This time around, Nox Irae are happy to show off the entire new album Here The Dead Live. The new album, which officially releases this Friday (November 15th), features members from Affliction Gate and Catacombs in its lineup. Herostratos, vocalist of Affliction Gate, lays down some old school death metal vocals throughout the album, vaguely similar to those of Terry Butler (Obituary). This comes overtop of some instrumentals that alternate and blend the likes of more melodic death metal, old school death metal and breaking into black metal and thrash metal territory.

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Here The Dead Live kicks off with the frantic "Phantom Parasite Trauma", which sets a different tone than the singles. Compared to the singles, "All Is Over", "Knife Under Throat", and "Primordial Life", which all take on a much more old school melodic tone. "Phantom Parasite Trauma" on the other hand, kicks off instantly with blazing fast shredding and an absolute onslaught from the rest of the instrumentals. The song changes tone to match the rest of the album shortly after it starts, but definitely begins on a much different foot than the remainder of the album. "Supposed Dead" is the big stand out song from the album, mashing together older Carcass and Immortal vibes. This blends well, making a very catchy, melodic black metal sort of style. Much like the intro track, this song does have tones similar to the rest of the album, but does well to stand out. The song also features one of the best guitar solos on the album about half way through the song, helping to close out Here the Dead Live very nicely.

Beginning to end, this is an album crafted by old school death metal fans, there's no arguing that fact. It's also an incredibly strong debut album from Nox Irae and obvious all the members brought their knowledge from other projects in with them. It's a great way to close out the year, with a killer debut death metal album from Nox Irae and the album can now be streamed in full below thanks to Transcending Obscurity Records

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