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Extreme of the Extreme

Extreme Of The Extreme: NÒTT Destroy All In The Great Furnace With A New Video And Album Premiere

Happy Wednesday extreme fans, just a friendly reminder all other editions can be found HERE!

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This week, it's time to take a step back into what's understood as extreme. This week, the focus on black metal band Nòtt and the new album The Great Furnace. Nòtt is a bit different though, consisting solely of two main members, vocalist and guitarist James Benson (Chrome Waves, Amiensus), and bassist and drummer Roman Pinter (ex-Reaping Asmodeia). The mix in bands the two members bring along makes for some intriguing musicianship, mixing high speed black metal with some more doom oriented sounds. Alongside that, throw in a splash of progressive death metal and that's along the right track to understanding what to expect from The Great Furnace.

The first two tracks, "Azmodan, Asmodeus, Diaboli!" and "The Great Furnace" are both high tempo, balls to the wall black metal. These tracks do not let up, whatsoever and fans of the original, core, raw black metal sound will be into this. There are also songs like "Gold and Silver" and "I, The Creator" which infuse a bit more progressive sound into the music. "Gold and Silver" has a touch more progressive death influence, presumably from Pinter's past experience with Reaping Asmodeia. "I, The Creator" on the other hand has a tinge more of an Enslaved feel, mixing together progressive metal and black metal and layering the extreme and clean vocals.

If you're looking for some good old black metal, for the most part The Great Furnace will be right up your alley. If you're an all around extreme fan, this album adds so many different tones it's hard to pin down just one way to describe it. For instance, Nòtt have given us a chance to premiere their new video for "Azmodan, Asmodeus, Diaboli!" Which can be seen above. On top of that, you can also listen to the rest of The Great Furnace below.

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