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Encounter Some Emotion In Your Death Metal With WINTER NIGHTS New Song "Withdrawals"


It's time for some good old fashioned death metal. Winter Nights are ready to unveil their latest single and lyric video for the final track off their most recent self-titled album. The track, "Withdrawals", tops off a 30 minute death metal album with a bang.

"Withdrawals" is a track filled with somber and progressive lyrics and vocals. Harsh, pained death metal with a rhythmic and melodic instrumental to back it up. The song doesn't blast its way through, instead "Withdrawals" wants to bring some emotion into the death metal genre. It's the perfect way to round out an album as well, ending on a slower, but still dominant track.

Discussing "Withdrawals", vocalist and guitarist Jeremy Farfan explains: "When this song was written. It was a weird time as I just had ankle surgery and was laying in a hospital bed hopped up on painkillers staring at the rain smashing against the window while in serious pain. The idea behind it came from not wanting to deal with the immediate post-surgery pain.

Encounter Some Emotion In Your Death Metal With WINTER NIGHTS New Song "Withdrawals"

Withdrawal from life in general. In the weeks to come, I was blessed to have my amp stack at home and spent most days jamming out while barely being mobile. This song was conjured and as soon as I returned to the studio rehearsal, it ultimately flowed like water from the first note we played…"

The single is available below, if you like what you hear why not pick up the album? It's out now and available to listen to in full. Take advantage of that and jam it all the way through, I'm certain the band would appreciate the support. Especially since Friday is Bandcamp Friday, where they waive all their fees for bands!

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