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Does HACKTIVIST Successfully Mix Djent and Rap?

A sincere attempt to meld hip hop and djent that is original enough to work.

A sincere attempt to meld hip hop and djent that is original enough to work.

The last time I remember hearing about Hacktivist, I posted their cover of the Jay Z/Kanye West track "Niggas in Paris," which I really enjoyed. Now, they've released a new video for the track "Decieve And Defy," and I'm definitely not hating it:

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A few months back, I noted that nü-djent might be a thing now, but you know what, in this case I don't mind it. I think these guys tastefully meld rap and elements of metal and it's djenty subgenre. While I referred to Attilla as "ignorantcore," I don't think this fits under that label. Attila comes off as pretentious and calculated, whereas this comes off as sincere. I know some colleagues might not feel the same way, but I think they're just being crabby old men. To me, this works. And I can absolutely see how "kids today" would be into this sort of thing. This video already has 34,000 views at the time of this writing, so clearly they're doing something right.

Where do you stand on Hacktivist?

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