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The New ATTILA Song Is As Ignorant As You Would Expect

Attila are the masters of #ignorantcore.

Attila are the masters of #ignorantcore.

Attila are one of the standard-bearers of the new ignorant-core subgenre that keeps popping up. It's like the bastard son of nu-metal and metalcore. It's nu-metal lyrical non-sensibilities with the breakdowns of metalcore and deathcore. Throw in some boredline-mentally challenged lyrics and you're set.

I define ignorant-core as hardcore-influenced music without much lyrical substance, made for the soul reason to bounce around and act ignorant.

As they have proven with their dumb first single, Attila are the masters of ignorant-core. They prove it once again with their new single that dropped this weekend, "Horsepig," which the press release tells me is “about how you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.”

I've been putting my mind to shitting on this band for over a year, and they're still around so clearly I have to work harder at it.

Attila are upping their ignorant game with this ignorant soundboard of ignorance.

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