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HACKTIVIST Cover JAY Z & KANYE WEST's "Niggas In Paris"

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HACKTIVIST Cover JAY Z & KANYE WEST's "Niggas In Paris"

Recently popular rap-meets-djent group Hacktivist have had a cover of the popular Jay-Z and Kanye West song "Niggas In Paris" up on their Soundcloud for a little while now.

Now they've taken it a step further and completely made the song their own! As much hate as this cover is probably going to receive based solely on the grounds that "itz not trve metal" or whatever, I urge you to step away from the keyboard for just a second and actually listen. This is a perfectly logical progression from what a lot of bands are doing as breakdowns now and it totally works. I'm not asking you to like it, but open your ears and really take a listen. It sounds good, it looks good, it grooves, and it's heavy as hell. Big ups to Hacktivist!

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