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Decibel's Clips of the Month


Every month, Decibel scribe Shane Mehling reviews the four videos that appear in the mag under “Decibel’s Clips of the Month at Metal Injection.” This month, watch picks from Cathedral, Purson, Spiritual Beggars and a classic clip from Napalm Death.

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Cathedral – “Tower of Silence”

Based on this and their “Classic Clip” from last month, Cathedral really hate doing music videos. I have honestly never seen a person who wanted to be in a video less than the drummer, and Lee Dorrian looks like he’s trying to win over the crowd at an afternoon BBQ. And yeah, there’s like a castle and some smoke and a pretty lady and a weird mask, but the whole time you’re imagining the band furtively looking off camera at the craft service table.

Purson – “Leaning on a Bear”

I know a lot of people are really digging this groovy flashback to the paisley-ed days of hookahs and beaded curtains, but this is some real hippie bullshit right here. These people have gone all out with the clothes and the psychedelic visuals and the old-school instruments, and also some puppets, which I guess were probably a huge thing before Altamont. This video may actually travel you back in time to 1968, and you’ll feel compelled to vote for Nixon.

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Spiritual Beggars – “Wise as a Serpent”

Hold on, was there anything I missed in my hippie rant from the last video? Because this is essentially the same. I mean, at one point they just show a lava lamp. And this also takes place in some stoner’s basement. Only difference is that… no, not much difference. I guess they go outside at one point. And they’re wearing a lot more denim. Is that enough? I’m really stretching here, guys. When I have to go back and make sure the other video didn’t feature a tambourine, I’m clearly in trouble.

CLASSIC CLIP: Napalm Death – “The World Keeps Turning”

Here’s some classic live footage of Napalm mixed with a trip to Russia and shots of Barney’s hair, which is positively Bon Jovian. There isn’t much else to the clip, but there’s a quick shot of a show flier where Bloody Psycho opened. I looked them up and they were a grind band from Poland who released four demos and had a guitar player named Dr. Rock. So, that’s pretty cool. Thanks, this video.

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