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CULT LEADER Isn't "Sympathetic" Toward Those Who Cannot Handle Heavy Music

This is only slight heavy… compared to say, a collapsing star.

This is only slight heavy... compared to say, a collapsing star.

Cult Leader isn't capable of putting out a song that doesn't ooze violence and there's really no way that you can factually prove me wrong. The band just drops ripping track after bloody-handed ripping track and never seems to slow down for just a moment… and wouldn't you know it? "Sympathetic" doesn't give a single fuck about knocking you back to the ground just like everything else Cult Leader has done.

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If this is any indication of how the aptly-named Lightless Walk will be, then I'm not sure you should even try to lift that album by yourself. It's gonna be entirely too heavy. So stream the song below, thank MetalSucks for dropping the track and pre-order it right here.

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