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Cinema Fix: Orgazmo (1997) Is Ludicrous Raunchy Fun


We love our metal here at Metal Injection… but we dig movies too! Welcome to Cinema Fix, a movie guide tailored for the metal faithful. Sit back and relax after a long week of work and/or blast beats and enjoy one of our prestigious film selections. This week's pick is:

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Orgazmo (1997)

Quick Pitch:

Mormon Porn Star Superhero Comedy


Joe Young is a dedicated Mormon missionary, canvasing the streets of Los Angeles when he stumbles upon a seedy pornographic film set. Joe hopes to share his love of Jesus with the director and his crew but before long, he inadvertently becomes the star of their adult film, portraying the crime fighting, sex superhero: Orgazmo. After praying to his ‘heavenly father’ for guidance, Joe agrees to continue making xxx films in order to pay for an expensive wedding to his sweetheart back home in Utah. As Joe settles into his role onscreen, he comes to learn that his boss isn’t just a sketchy porn director, but an actual criminal as well! Joe decides to take a page from his own films and take a stand against evildoers the only way he knows how, by fighting crime as Orgazmo in real life.

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Why it’s metal:

Orgazmo is a brilliantly crude celebration of Jesus, porn, superheroes, and Geddy Lee [“best bass player ever, c’mon!”]. Metal is all about embracing taboos and shattering cultural norms, something Orgazmo does in spades. Before South Park catapulted them to fame and The Book of Mormon legitimized their creative talents with critics, Trey Parker and Matt Stone gave us, Orgazmo, a so bad it’s good cult comedy that needs to be seen before it can be believed. The duo’s lifelong obsession with religion, fart jokes, nerd culture and catchy tunes, which would later propel them to superstardom; are all apparent in their super raunchy, low budget ode to crime fighting Mormon porn stars.

Cinema Fix: Orgazmo (1997) Is Ludicrous Raunchy Fun

Trey Parker directs and stars in this ludicrous crossover between Southern California’s legendary porn industry and Utah’s The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Both of these [depending on who you ask] sacred institutions are skewered throughout the film, acknowledging the absurdity that exists within both worlds. For a movie based on the porn industry, there’s a surprising lack of nudity in Orgazmo; save for the occasional bare male ass jumping in front of the camera. In Parker’s film, the goofy side kick is actually the genius MVP of the movie [Choda Boy has Ph.D.’s in physics and engineering FYI], the straight laced Mormon is actually the best fighter/martial artist around, and the female porn stars are objectified less than the men. Orgazmo also features notable 90’s porn stars like Ron Jeremy, Juli Ashton and The Bloodhound Gang’s favorite starlet, Chasey Lain as well as perhaps the most underrated movie theme in all of cinematic history. Parker and Stone’s joke band DVDA [watch the movie and the name makes sense!] rocks the hell of the unofficial Orgazmo theme song, “Now You’re a Man” which is easily, the best movie track since Rocky IV’s “Heart’s On Fire.” If you want to kill some brain cells laughing or long to explore the ancient art of Hamster Style Kung fu, you cannot go wrong with Orgazmo.

Suggested listening:
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DVDA – “Now You’re A Man”

"Live it, live it!"

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