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SLAYER's Tour Rider Revealed; KERRY KING Loves Gogurt

It's always fun to see what sort of items bands request on their tour riders, and Slayer clearly have fun with this as well. Their rider from Fun Fun Fun Fest, which happened a few weeks back, has surfaced. While there are some obvious jokes (Totes brand blood-proof umbrellas, 100 snow white goats for slaughter and a Halal butcher to slaughter them), there are some items on there I'd never expect like gogurt, and seemingly lots of hand sanitizer (presumably to get rid of all that blood). I can't decide if the weirdest thing they requested was the Bowflex or the book of blackletter fonts. This wasn't the only case of the band having fun at Fun Fun Fun, as they managed to poke fun at Danzig after his ridiculous outburst as well. Kudos, Slayer, you've made my day! Now I'm going to go listen to every track off Reign In Blood at the same time. [via MetalSucks]

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