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Lamb Born with Corpse Paint... Where Else But Norway?

Posted by on April 29, 2014 at 12:11 pm

Blackforestmag.com made such a wild post on Monday, Apr. 28, that I had to surf the rest of their website to make sure it wasn't just another parody site people I knew were taking seriously. Sure enough, this is not a hoax-  there was a lamb named Batlam born in Nærbø, Norway on Easter Sunday whose fur looks like corpse paint. There is no way that could have worked out better! I mean really,satanic lamb born on the day Jesus may or may not have risen from the dead? Doubly so given lamb being the symbol of Christ. This is amazing.

The website goes on to explain the situation a little more:

"A lamb of the breed Old Norwegian Short Tail Landrace was born on Easter Monday. Nothing special about that really, but what is special is the color pattern of his fur. His look can somehow resemble the traditional corpsepaint look of the Norwegian Black Metal artists you might already be familiar with. The owners named the little lamb for Batlam, from the famous superhero Batman.

The lamb lives in Vitengarden (the Science Farm), which resides in Nærbø, Norway. The farm is a part of Jærmuseet, which is a regional science centre for South-Western Norway and also a regional museum for seven municipalities in Jæren, near Stavanger. In their facilities you will find out about history, culture and industry of Jæren, past and present. And now, you can also visit Batlam!"

Then compares it to Abbath of Immortal, which I am totally seeing.


No word on when Batlam will be releasing its first 7".

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