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WWE To Release Triple H's Entrance Themes (Including MOTORHEAD) on Vinyl

triple h motorhead
Photo: WWE

WWE is celebrating the 25th anniversary of pro wrestler Triple H for the next few weeks, and of course The Game was famously welcomed to the ring by Motorhead for most of his career. Lemmy and co wrote a few songs for WWE, "The Game," "King of Kings," and the "Evolution" theme, and in a new interview with Triple H, he reveals WWE is working on putting out a special vinyl collection with some Lemmy outtakes.

Speaking on the WWE podcast  After the Bell, Triple H said:

“There’s an idea to use my 25th year anniversary in the business to put out all the tracks that I’ve used, and the different cuts, and the different things – but to really base it heavily around Motörhead, and to then build the interview and all the other stuff we had done around that…”

“There’s a very cool – they put together like a whole… the only thing I’ve really seen around the whole 25th anniversary thing […] this album that they’re putting out and it’s sort of like all those tracks, the different cuts of stuff that Motörhead has done, all my entrance music from over the years, remakes that people made of stuff – and they’re doing it on vinyl!”

WWE has in fact released a few pieces of vinyl on other record labels, including the 80s album, The Wrestling Album, the rap crossover album WWE Aggression and John Cena's debut rap album.

We'll keep you posted on when such an album is released.

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