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You Can Play A Mission in Grand Theft Auto V Designed by PERIPHERY's Jake Bowen

Any GTA fans in the house?

Any GTA fans in the house?

Last year, I bought an Xbox 360 with the sole purpose of just playing Grand Theft Auto: V on it. I clearly wasn't the only one, as in one month the game outsold the entire music businessAnyway, after a few months, I got stuck on a mission and sort of gave up on the game, coming back to it once every few months.

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Periphery's Jake Bowen on the other hand has been addicted, specifically to the online play. If you check his Instagram account, he constantly posts in-game selfies of his character and a recent kill. He is so into the game that he even created a job for the online portion of the game. Rockstar Games saw it and verified his job as an official download for everybody:

“Regular viewers of the Rockstar Games Twitch channel may remember this Job from our July 11th live stream, created by guitarist slash devoted GTA Online player, Jake Bowen from prog-metal band Periphery. Jake has added props sparingly to maintain the exposed, dangerous middle ground of the train yards, while teams spawn at either end. Stay close to your Crew and resist the urge to hammer the sprint button along the trainyards, as a stealthy approach will yield kills on unsuspecting foes crossing the tracks. Those with a steady aim might want to head to the rooftop, grab the Sniper Rifle and pick off anyone attempting to dash between cover spots.”

Here's a photo preview of the job:


Congrats to Jake. If that new Periphery album doesn't sell well, at least you have a career to fall back on.

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