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Fun Fact: Grand Theft Auto V Outsells ENTIRE Music Industry

Posted by on January 8, 2014 at 1:56 pm

Maybe, we need to start Video Game Injection, because that's clearly where all the money is.

I am a casual gamer at best but I'm addicted to Grand Theft Auto V. I'm about 60% done with the missions, and reaching that point where I'm sort of over it, but still, this game is the most addicted I've been to a video game since discovering Portal 2. I'm not a big gamer and I love GTA. It turns out I'm not the only one.

The game shattered records reaching $800 million in sales on it's first day of release. I was just reading an article about the game on business website Motley Fool, who put the ridiculously large sales figures of this single game in perspective:

By the end of its third day in stores, the game crested past $1 billion in sales. The previous title-holder for fastest game to reach a billion in sales was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which took 15 days.

The game's publisher, Take Two, was quick to note that Grand Theft Auto 5's mere three days needed to reach $1 billion in sales makes it the fastest selling property across all forms of entertainment. To put the games sales into context across other forms of entertainment, the global music industry sees less than $1.4 billion in record and song sales each month. In its first month of release, Grand Theft Auto 5 looks set to outsell the entire global music industry.

Not just heavy metal releases, which it probably bested in like 3 hours, but ALL OF GLOBAL MUSIC! That's a ridiculous feat.

Of course, music is very prevalent in GTA V, any time you get into a car, the radio stations start playing. Unfortunately, in GTA V there is no metal station, only a punk channel (Channel X) hosted by Keith Morris of Black Flag, Circle Jerks and OFF! fame. In the last game, Max Cavalera was picked as the host of my favorite GTA station ever, LBHC (Liberty City Hardcore Radio).

How far have you gotten in GTA?

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