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ROCK BAND 2 officially announced; set for September release

Rock Band 2 Logo

The people at Harmonix, the developers of the carpel tunnel inducing Rock Band video game, have announced that the sequel to last year's revolutionary all-band game will be seeing a September release on XBOX 360 (and shortly thereafter on PS3) and will feature all new peripherals, new game play modes…improvements on virtually every aspect of gameplay, as well as what they are calling "easily the best setlist I've ever seen in a music game" which is akin to bands saying this is "the heaviest record we've ever put out."

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During the interview with IGN was tight-lipped on revealing too many new details, saying everything will come out in the next few weeks but he did make some promises. All the DLC (Downloadable content) for the current iteration will be playable on the sequel, more online gameplay, strongly hinting at user-generated music capabilities similar to what Guitar Hero just announced. Also, it was strongly hinted at that there would be wireless peripherals as well as more accessories like distortion pedals and other little gizmos.

The full interview can be read here where he discusses the topics I mentioned as well as more hints of info about the new game. As always, as soon as something new is announced we will post it here for you!

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