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Play As "Heavy Metal Heros" JOE SATRIANI, MISHA MANSOOR, ANGELA GOSSOW and more In New Game, Eternal Descent

Posted by on July 17, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Periphery's Misha Mansoor, Joe Satriani, Arch Enemy's Michael Ammot & Angela Gassow, Andrew WK and Wayne Static aren't just heavy metal heroes, they're now playable characters in a new video game.

What the what?! 

Eternal Descent is a comic book featuring the aforementioned musicians within it's pages and they have just released a new iOS game where you can "tag team" with the guitar gods against the forces of evil. Here is the official description:

Eternal Descent's Heavy Metal Heroes brings the dark fantasy world of the cult comic series to life on all your iOS devices, so get ready to carve a path through the endless hordes and fight your way to the gates of Hell!

Power up along the way with tag-team assists from guitar legend – Joe Satriani, the electric lightbulb – Misha Mansoor, and party hard with Andrew W.K.. Face off against metal master – Michael Amott, disco killer – Wayne Static, and Pit Lord Loki's army of darkness – in running brawls and rapid fire boss battles.

Sounds like a fun time. The game is available for three bucks in the iTunes store and there will be a bunch of signings with the musicians in the game at San Diego's comic con this weekend.

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