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Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Katatonia, Periphery, Red Fiction, and Of Feather and Bone.

Latest Periphery Music Videos

Music Videos

Music videos seem like a lost art nowadays, but kudos to Periphery for taking more than five minutes to think up a fun and...

Music Videos

It's official, Periphery will release their fourth studio album, Periphery IV: HAIL STAN on their newly formed 3DOT Recordings, to be released April 5th....

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Latest Periphery Reviews


You are not ready for this one...


There's truly a lot here to like, but the tracks lack the appropriate evolution that they would have gained if this release was worked...


Is djent a real genre? We may never know, but Periphery will transcend past the classification and continue to be something special.


Sophomore slump has plagued countless bands, regardless of the genre. It’s always difficult to follow up an album that could have taken any number...

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Latest Periphery Live Footage

Live Footage

From Periphery IV: Hail Stan, of course.

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