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Now you can pay NYU to play Guitar Hero!

guitarheroschoolThe Fall semester has just started for college students, and for young hipsters attending NYU one of the classes offered will be a glorified Guitar Hero sesh. The course is called "Guitar Heroes (and Heroines): Music, Video Games and the Nature of Human Cognition." So, you mean now I can pay 10 grand for a class where I match my button-tapping skills with fellow nerds? They quoted the professor offering the course who had a very "deep" comment to make:

"Video games are an understudied area," said Marcus. "People dismiss them unfairly, but 'Guitar Hero' is a good tool for teaching and I'm interested in the nature of learning." The course will tackle questions such as: "Why are human beings so easily sucked in by video games?" The class, which Marcus capped at 16 students, had a waiting list, he said.

Another question should be "Why are human beings sucked in to pay for an overpriced school with a meaningless educational program? The big question here is, will there be homework?

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