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GUITAR HERO to release METALLICA-only game (Woo-hoo!)

We've been ragging on GUITAR HERO a lot lately. Whether it be their retarded port to the Nintendo DS or their overpriced fourth iteration of the game, but finally there is some news of a video game to look forward to. After some sleuth investigating, GameSpot discovered the following bit of awesome news:

Guitar Hero: Metallica is no longer a case of wishful thinking or idle speculation–it’s fact. When sifting through an SEC filing of Activision’s over the weekend, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Edward Woo–associate of the highly visible Michael Pachter–uncovered a gem in the section where the Santa Monica, California-based publisher discussed its upcoming game slate.

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Very interesting. If this follows the same format as the Aerosmith game, you would go through the venues as the years pass and work through most of the band's material. Which means you only reaaaally need like 1/2 the game. Either way, this is the first bit of Guitar Hero news in a while where I wasn't completely rolling my eyes. Kudos, Acitivision

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