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GUITAR HERO Metal Edition now avaiable (for hackers only)

GUITAR HERO Metal Edition now avaiable (for hackers only)

It's safe to say that a sizeable percentage of the Guitar Hero audience are metal heads, and every metal head would dream of not having to suffer through pussy songs from the likes of BLOC PARTY and THE POLICE to get to the good stuff. Looks like some Playstation 2 modders agree. As some kind gentleman (I assume its a dude) with perhaps too much free time on their hands completely gutted a Playstation 2 version of Guitar Hero 2 to create a metal version…every song a metal classic with every one from CARCASS, TESTAMENT and BLACK LABEL SOCIETY to AS I LAY DYING, DEVILDRIVER and JOB FOR A COWBOY.

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The downside? This is all terribly illegal. You need to have a custom modded PS2, and then download and install the game yourself. For full instructions on how you can be on your way to metal heaven, Guitar Hero style click here. Maybe some of the makers of Guitar Hero are reading this, if so…I WOULD DEFINITELY BUY THIS GAME LEGALLY…MAKE IT HAPPEN! Check out a few videos and the tracklisting after the jump…

First up, take a look at the attention to detail as many graphics have been modded as well.

Now check out a video of a DARKANE song being played:

Full tracklisting:
Tier 1:
This Ending – Lidless Eyes
Noumena – Everlasting Ward
Torture Killer – A Violent Scene of Death
Souldrainer – Reborn
Nightrage – A Condemned Club

Tier 2:
Carcass – Childs Play
Insomnium – Drawn To Black
Dark Tranquillity – Rundown
Insomnium – Bereavement
In Flames – Man Made God

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Tier 3:
Caliban – Salvation
Before The Dawn – Wrath
Black Label Society – Funeral Bell
Illdisposed – Now We're History
Testament – Low

Tier 4:
Still Remains – Blossom, The Witch
Nightrage – Reconcile
The Duskfall – Poison the Waters
Threat Signal – Haunting
Enter My Silence – Thin Red Line

Tier 5:
As I Lay Dying – An Ocean Between Us
Enforsaken – Witness to the Fall
Soilwork – Breeding Thorns
Decapitated – Spheres of Madness
Yyrkoon – Avatar Ceremony

Tier 6:
Machine Head – Seasons Wither
Bloodbath – Brave New Hell
Skyfire – Conjuring the Thoughts
DevilDriver – Swinging the Dead
Strapping Young Lad – Love?

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Tier 7:
Enforsaken – Blacklist Assassin
Amon Amarth – Cry of the Black Birds
Exodus – Karma's Messenger
Blood Red Throne – Altered Genesis – Creation and Sudden Demise
Fear My Thoughts – In The Hourglass

Tier 8:
Arch Enemy – The Last Enemy
Hell Within – Lay Down Your Arms
Anterior – Human Hive
Darkane – Secondary Effects
The Arcane Order – In A Hail of Deadly Bullets

Bonus Songs:
All That Remains – Passion
Dark Age – Black September
Arch Enemy – Blood On Your Hands
Bleed the Sky – Borellia Mass
Disarmonia Mundi – Celestial Furnace
Job For A Cowboy – Coalescing Prophecy
Anterior – Dead Divine
Suidakra – The End Beyond Me
Within Y – God In Silence
Threat Signal – Inane
Dark Age – Instrumental
Unearth – The Lying World
Diecast – Nothing I Could Say
Soilwork – One With The Flies
Mors Principium Est – The Oppressed Will Rise
Devildriver – Pale Horse Apocalypse
Neaera – Save the Drowning Child
Non Human Level – The Second Plane
As I Lay Dying – The Sound Of Truth
Necrophagist – Stabwound
All Shall Perish – There is no Business to be Done on a Dead Planet
Hacride – Vision of Hate
As I Lay Dying – Wrath Upon Ourselves
Bloodbath – Year of the Cadaver Race

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