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GUITAR HERO IV New Screenshots & Pricing Revealed (It Ain't Cheap)

Posted on May 26, 2008

Guitar Hero IV

Above you see the first look at the upcoming "Create Your Own Song" feature of the fourth iteration of the Guitar Hero series, officially being called Guitar Hero: On Tour. The game is set to include the ability for full-on band play, with a microphone and drums, and all those extra drum pads are going to cost you. Gamestop is listing the bundle for $189.99 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 and $179 for PS2 which is 20 bucks more than the Rock Band bundle is going for. I am wondering if this will even sell of if the whole Guitar Hero fad has kind of peaked at this point. Check out a new trailer for the drums and more screenshots after the jump…

Guitar Hero IV

Guitar Hero IV

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