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Guitar Hero IV First Details: Drums with cymbals coming, Make your own songs! (Updated)

It's been a solid few months since we posted anything about GUITAR HERO. The franchise has been kind of weak lately, recently releasing a AEROSMITH compilation and treating it like a new version of the game, except nobody cared!

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Now, news is beginning to trickle through the cracks about the next iteration of the game. According to the June issue of Game Informer, the new version of the game will take after Rock Band and feature other instruments including a bass guitar, a microphone, and (topping Rock Band) a 6 piece drum kit, featuring 2 cymbals, and presumably 4 drum pads and the kick trigger.

Also, don't expect any Gibson replicas in the next iteration of the game. Due to a falling out, Guitar Hero will not be licensing the controller out to any guitar maker but instead design their own controller which allegedly will have a feature that will “directly impact the way you play Guitar Hero in the future.”

A feature that sounds like it could be tons of fun, is the new Guitar Hero Tunes service, which will allow gamers to create their own songs and share them with other players online, but these tracks will be devoid of vocals. Additionally, users will be able to create custom musicians, album art, and instruments.

The game will be released by years end on all major next-gen gaming consoles. I'm getting a little excited.

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UPDATE – We can also confirm that VAN HALEN, THE EAGLES, LINKIN PARK and SUBLIME have been confirmed for the game.

[ Game Informer via Primo Technology ]

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