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New GUITAR HERO ad basically says the game is for losers

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There is this new musical short-film type ad for a Guitar Hero/Dorities tie-in happening in the UK. It tells the story of Allen, a dude who was just destined to rock. Started out kind of cute at first and then you realize "Hey, this guy is sort of a loser." He can't handle getting a tattoo, dresses all glam and can't hold a motorcycle up. He fails at all these things and then gives up hope, until he discovers Guitar Hero. Heck, even the lyrics to the song in the background go Allen you are a Guitar Hero, trapped in the body of a natural zero. Well, then kudos to the marketing department for validating the criticism every musician has of the game — that it's for pussies too shitty to learn how to play real guitar. Is this really the type of message you want to send out about your game?

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