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Watch LAMB OF GOD's Complete Bloodstock 2022 Set

This crushes… naturally.

Stop what you're doing right now! You can now stream Lamb of God's complete set from Bloodstock 2022 in Walton-on-Trent, UK. Go ahead and check it out just above!

The set opens with a super-spirited version of "Memento Mori" with an incredible vocal performance from Randy Blythe. The band then takes it back to the glory days with a pummeling version of "Ruin" from As the Palaces Burn.

0:01-4:08 – "Intro/Memento Mori"
4:32-8:22 – "Ruin"
9:00-14:11 – "Walk With Me In Hell"
14:54-20:08 – "Resurrection Man"
20:40-25:08 – "Nevermore"
27:35-31:14 – "Now You Got Something To Die For"
31:31-35:10 – "Contractor"
37:04-41:31 – "Omerta"
42:00-46:04 – "11th Hour"
47:10-49:52 – "Solo/Intro to Omens"
49:55-53:16 – "Omens"
53:50-57:38 – "Hourglass"
1:00:40-1:05:05 – "512"
1:05:25-1:09:48 – "Ghost Walking"
1:10:51-1:15:30 – "Vigil"
1:15:40-1:19:35 – "Laid To Rest"
1:20:25 – "Redneck"

By the way, another complete Lamb of God live show, this time a killer set in Portland, Oregon in October of last year, was released last week. You can check it out here!

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