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Lamb Of God Hate5Six

Live Footage

LAMB OF GOD Releases New Live Film LAMB OF GOD: Live In Portland

Hate5six crushed it with this one.

Concert footage wizard Hate5six is now streaming Lamb Of God's entire 2022 show in Portland, OR. The show was shot and edited by Hate5six, audio engineered by Brian Griffin, and mixed and mastered by Josh Wilbur. So basically it sounds great, it looks great, and it's just an overall fantastic experience.

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"Lamb Of God invited me to document their set in Portland, OR back in October to celebrate their new record and I obviously said yes," said Hate5six of the film. "I went all out to make this more of a concert film than a standard live set."

The show ran as follows:

  • 0:00 "Memento Mori"
  • 6:07 "Walk With Me In Hell"
  • 11:18 "Now You Got Something To Die For"
  • 16:13 "Resurrection Man"
  • 21:34 "Nevermore"
  • 28:10 "Ruin"
  • 32:23 "11th Hour"
  • 36:48 "Omerta"
  • 43:10 "Omens"
  • 47:07 "Contractor"
  • 53:25 "512"
  • 58:19 "Ghost Walking"
  • 1:03:22 "Vigil"
  • 1:08:41 "Laid To Rest"
  • 1:15:10 "Redneck"

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