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Watch ANDREW W.K. Exercise By Air Drumming To NAPALM DEATH's "Extremity Retained"

It also counts as partying, he says.

King of partying Andrew W.K. is in pretty good shape. Aside from conventional methods of getting jacked, Andrew W.K. also employs a fairly unconventional method – air drumming along to Napalm Death's 1990 album Harmony Corruption. Andrew W.K. demonstrates his air drumming abilities to NME with the band's song "Extremity Retained," and it actually looks like he's pretty spot on with the movements. Oh, and more importantly he says that air drumming to Napalm Death counts as partying!

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Andrew W.K.'s new album You're Not Alone is out on March 2, and if you haven't heard the singles from it yet, you're just not partying hard enough.

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He's also taken over Apple Music's Headbangers.