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TRIVIUM, ALL THAT REMAINS & THE HAUNTED Members Contribute To "The Biggest Shred Collab Song In The World"

Plus a handful of big YouTube names.

Members of Trivium, All That Remains, The Haunted, and Polyphia have all contributed to Jared Dines' fourth iteration of "The Biggest Shred Collab Song In The World."

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"Thank you to everyone who joined in and took the time out of their busy lives to be part of the 4th installment of the biggest shred collab series!" said Dines. "I tried to get a lot more, alas some people said no and some people were simply too busy to make it happen! Be sure to follow the players you enjoyed and show them love and support! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!"

The collaboration includes:

  • Jason Richardson (All That Remains)
  • Ichika Nito (Ichikoro)
  • TheDooo
  • Rob Scallon
  • Nik Nocturnal
  • Michael Angelo Batio (Nitro)
  • Davie504
  • Charles Berthoud
  • Dan Jacobs (Atreyu)
  • Hayden Maringer (Evaride)
  • Felix Martin
  • Scottie Lepage (Polyphia)
  • Manuel Gardner Fernandes (Unprocessed)
  • Jon Dretto
  • Cole Rolland
  • Hiram Hernandez
  • Jared Dines
  • Stevie T
  • Angel Vivaldi
  • Matt Heafy (Trivium)
  • Mikes Dimitri Baker (Interloper)
  • Tyler Larson
  • Ola Englund (The Haunted, Feared)
  • Charlie Parra Del Riego
  • Rabea Massaad (Dorje)
  • Oni Hasan
  • Marcin Patrzalek
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